Onewheel is the OFF-Road KING

It’s unique and expensive. New Onewheel +XR Cost Around RM 10 000!

And only goes to 27 KM. This is your chance to own one.

This Onewheel PLUS can go up to 70 KM range.


  1. Onewheel PLUS
  2. Vamp and RIDE KIT
  3. Charge while RIDE KIT
  4. 2.5 AH EGO battery
  5. 7.5 AH Samsung 30q Battery
  6. Powerbank
  7. Installed BURRIS Off-Road tyre
  8. Includes ORIGINAL Onewheel VEGA tyre
  9. Installed Grey Float Plates from Craft and RIDE
  10. Installed Ultra Reflective Float Sidekicks
  11. Original Onewheel Fender and Bumpers
  12. Includes Badger kit (Onewheel Waterproof KIT , not installed yet)
  13. Fangs

Out of stock


Selling my USED Onewheel PLUS with 70 KM RANGE MOD.

A new Onewheel +XR is around RM 10 000 and can only go to 27 km.

Save Money by buying this one.


Includes :

  1. Onewheel PLUS


Installed Burris Off Road tyre. Original Onewheel tyre available too.

Installed grey Float plates

Installed Ultra Reflective Float Sidekicks

Installed Charge While RIDE kit ( You can Charge while RIDING)

Installed Voltage Meter

Installed Anti Spark Switch to Turn ON/OFF ( Original Switch Not working)

Installed VNR kit (Vamp and RIDE for RANGE Modification)


Includes :

  1. Extra Battery PACK 2.5 AH EGO

When Connected you get 20 km Range

2. Extra Battery 7.5 AH Samsung 30Q

When C0nnected you get 40 km range

3. Power Bank (Two pack of battery) (20KM)

(1 Pack charges Onewheel to FULL. Charge 0n the GO or stop and CHARGE)

4. Includes Onewheel Waterproof KIT (not installed yet)


Notes :

BMS ( Battery Management SYSTEM) was removed from this Onewheel.

The Onewheel App still works fine, except you cannot monitor the battery percentage anymore.


Monitor Battery on the Board with the VOLTMETER or Monitor Battery in the App by reading the voltage.


Any questions feel free to ask 😀



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