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Starting with normal skateboards and penny boards, we then caught our interest in electric skateboards as we see famous youtubers like Casey, ride around New York City in style. So we get our hands on our first e-board, the Koowheel, and have a lot of fun with it ! Receiving many questions from strangers such as “ is this electric?” “ it uses battery?” while riding, we realize that most Malaysians were not aware and have little knowledge of e-boards. 

Launched in 2017

Knowing that, we decided to bring Electric Skateboards to Malaysia as a way of transportation and a leisure and fun activity. We want others to experience the fun of riding e-board like we do. So we started small , by selling affordable e-boards for fun ! We received awesome support from the Malaysian community , even Brunei ! and now in pursue to bring more variety of e-boards to Malaysia.

“Hard to describe how fun it is.
You must try it yourself”

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